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Ever brighter future of Korea is in your hands!

The 21st century will be a Golden Age for competition based on creativity, innovation and determination. It will be an age led by a small group of creative and gifted individuals who will discover and invent new technologies that will not only improve the daily lives of Koreans, but also the society as a whole.

Samsung Scholarship, formerly known as the Samsung Lee Kun Hee Scholarship Foundation, was established in 2002. Samsung Scholarship provides financial support and opportunities to pursue higher education overseas to gifted Korean students, who have proven their potential to become global leaders of tomorrow and lead Korea for the better future
in this age of information technology.

All gifted Korean students with creativity and determination should be given an equal opportunity to imagine the unimaginable and develop the confidence to compete against the best and the brightest around the world, and Samsung Scholarship provides this opportunity.

We will stand by your side as a lifelong partner as you creatively draw up and realize a brighter and more prosperous future for not only Korea, but also the world.

Challenge the impossible!